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Corporate magazines

Alpina d.d. Žiri, Polycom Škofja Loka d.o.o., Livar d.d., KS Poljane

Graphic design and layout:
Matjaž Mazzini, Tanja Rojc, Sanja Pilipovič, Andrej Humar, Rajko Vidrih, 



Internal newsletters – the main tool of internal communication

Our studio has in recent years devoted much attention to creating quality internal newsletters for various companies. In the cases of some clients we were in charge of the complete project implementation, including editorial work and text writing, design concept and implementation, and in other cases we were only responsible for the design concept and preparing materials for printing.

The newspapers which we are still co-creating or did in the past:

-Livar in Livarjev utrip, 2007-2016, Livar, plc

-Polyanec, 2005-2016,  Polycom Škofja Loka, LLC

-Delo Življenje, 2005-2009, Alpina, plc

-Vaščan, 2013-2015, Poljane local community