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Alpina Žiri d.d., Center slepih in slabovidnih Škofja Loka, Pegaz International d.o.o., Sava Re d.d.,  Šola retorike d.o.o., Franc Jan, Milena Miklavčič

Graphic design and layout:
Matjaž Mazzini, Rajko Vidrih, Renata Burnik, Sanja Pilipovič, Andrej Humar



Respecting books

Commitment to books and book layout is one of the Mazzini Studio’s core activities. From the beginning we have designed a large number of books, to name but a few:   

-Fifty Years of Alpina Company, 1997, in cooperation with Tomaž Kržišnik, MA, Miha Naglič, and Pegaz International LLC.

-Turn Left at the Oak, 2005, written by Milena Miklavčič, illustrated by Marjeta Cvetko. The book got an award for the most beautiful self-published book.

-Glossary of Insurance-Related Terms (Eng. - Slo.), 2006, by Helena Krašovec.

-Ciceron & Ciceron, 2012, publisher: Zupančič & Zupančič School of Rhetoric.

-Handling Protocol, 2009, written by Boštjan Poklukar, publisher: Zupančič & Zupančič School of Rhetoric.

-Staying Close to People, Looking to the Future, 2015, Polycom.

-Kvintiljan, Rhetoric School, 2015, publisher: Zupančič & Zupančič School of Rhetoric.