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Simplygood, SG Guzelj d.o.o.

Copy & design:
Dario Berginc, Maja A. Vidmar, Aleksander Brezlan

Andrej Humar, Matjaž Mazzini


2008, 2015

Brand identity makeover as a sign of changes and rapid growth

SG Guzelj LLC decided to redesign their visual identity during the period of the highest economic growth, in the year 2008. On the basis of an analysis of different aspects related to the company's business operations and the elaborated strategic marketing recommendations, the company decided to establish its own brand and to rename its company – SG Guzelj to »Simplygood - stimulates, refreshes, invigorates". The new visual identity -- apart from designing a new »SG« symbol, logo, defining basic colours, and typographic style – also included the production of various printed and promotional materials.

With rapid business success and growth the company outgrew the basic starting points of visual identity in seven years, and therefore in 2015 its visual identity was upgraded with some changes that had proven to be necessary. The colour palette, consisting of three basic colours (orange, green, violet), was replaced by a golden-red colour combination with certain recognisable regular features. At the same time the website was also changed as well as the decorations/ stickers for company vehicles, the company's two basic communication tools.