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Ravnihar d.o.o.

Copy & design:
Dario Berginc, Matjaž Mazzini, Andrej Humar, Uroš Duh



Precision as a competitive advantage
Ravnihar LLC is a company with a long tradition which goes back to the 1960s. In 2008 the company decided, in spite of the well recognised corporate identity, to redesign the company's visual identity, which would, as optimally as possible, signify the company's new policies related to the manufacturing of high-tech and complex products made of plastics for the most demanding clients. On the basis of analyses and strategic recommendations the basic elements of visual identity were designed: a symbol, a logo, typographic style, and new colours were defined as well as the so called »fifth element«. In the following years the visual identity spread to various areas of business operations, from basic communication materials, the website, packaging, car painting and others.