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Boris Fras


Studio Mazzini d.o.o.

Copy & design:

Matjaž Mazzini



Boris Fras is a revolutionary among Slovenian winegrowers and oil manufacturers, as he represents, with his uncompromising ecological attitude and by refusing to use chemicals in order to produce a bigger harvest, a completely new starting point strategy. This strategy is different from that of most »classical« winegrowers who, also in visual terms, swear to the nobility of their packaging with an emphasis on golden, silver and black colours and the corresponding motifs.

When designing the logo we had to take into account the important characteristics of the client or his wine and oil brands and present according to the foundations which were different from more common ones. The visual solution is thus based on the winegrower's last name and its graphics are emphasized as well as its contrasts, just as the environment he comes from is also full of contrasts.