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Visoka šola za hotelirstvo in turizem Bled

Graphic design:
Matjaž Mazzini, Andrej Humar


The Bled College of Hospitality and Tourism Management

When the client started a new study programme, it also decided to make a new visual identity which would be different from the one that a similar higher educational institution, whose premises are in the same building, had. The design starting point was based on the visual distinction of the recognisable geographical identity of the college’s location, namely Bled. The recognisability of the island with a church was by all means a logical choice for the visual motif. On the other hand, the omnipresence of the island also represented an obstacle in terms of visual identity design. The graphic solution which was selected among various concepts thus represents the synthesis of different visual motifs: an island, a lake, a boat with its reflection, a book, and a human being. Since the Bled College of Hospitality and Tourism Management in large part depends on students' enrolment, a lot of attention was paid to creating various promotional materials and a website.