Year 2008 – 2022

SG Guzelj, d.o.o.

The company SG Guzelj d.o.o. decided to renew its visual identity during the period of greatest economic growth, in 2008. Based on the analysis of various aspects of the company’s operations and strategic marketing recommendations, the company decided to establish its own brand and rename it from SG Guzelj d.o.o. to “Simplygood – invigorate, refresh, strengthen”. The new visual identity included, in addition to the creation of the new “SG” symbol, the logo, the determination of the basic colors, the typographic style, as well as the creation of various printed and promotional materials.

With the rapid growth of business success and the expansion of operations, the company outgrew the basic starting points of the visual identity in seven years, so it was upgraded in 2015 with changes that proved to be necessary in the past years. The color palette of three base colors (orange, green, violet) was replaced by a red-gold combination with certain recognizable constants. At the same time, the website and fleet images, as the central tools of the company’s communications, also changed.