Examples of online product configurator

Better sales with the online configurator

Personalization is one of the key elements of a modern product. Customers love customization. Each customer has their own needs and wants. Finding a product that meets all the requirements can be very demanding and tiring. When we offer a certain level of personalization to the customer, we also increase the probability of purchasing such a product. Such adjustments can be achieved with the online configurator.

The online configurator is very often found in the automotive industry, but also for blinds, swimming pools, windows… It is increasingly being established in the agricultural industry. What they all have in common is that their sales process is highly dependent on physical sales. With the help of configurators, at least part of this process can be transferred to an automated system.

What is the online configurator?

The configurator is a tool that automates the selection and customization of products. Within the system, it links functions to products. It allows the customer to configure the existing product according to his wishes. It guides the customer through the process leading to the summary and final price calculation.

What are its advantages?

The configurator brings many advantages to the company and customers. Greater automation allows the sales department to do less manual work with quoting and focus more on the sale itself. Prodajni oddelek lahko zelo enostavno popravlja ponudbe in jih nadgrajuje. The integrated system allows changes to be displayed to the customer immediately.

The configurator can also be used as a marketing strategy. When customers create a product, they think of it as their product. They are creatively involved in the project, which means that they will share their creation with others and invite other potential customers to the fun experience.

With the configurator, the customers gets exactly what they want, as they designs his own product. The customer chooses every detail of the product, such as material, size, color and more. By connecting the configurator to the warehouse, we can only offer materials and products that we have in stock, while at the same time having an overview of the interest in certain products. This makes it easier to plan stock and prepare new products.

Schematic of the configurator
Schematic of the configurator

Will an online configurator increase my online sales?

Just as behind every successful project there is a successful marketing campaign, so too a scale-up configurator needs its own marketing campaign. Without a successful marketing campaign, even online configurators will not be able to contribute much to online sales. Companies that are just starting their digitization journey can start their advertising journey on social networks. By publishing regularly, they can build a user base that they would encourage to use the online configurator.

How much does it cost to create an online configurator?

The configurator can already represent the choice of color on the product page. Such a configurator adds only a few 100 euros to the final price. If we want a real configurator with several levels of product assembly, different displays and the creation of a customized offer, the price can rise to several tens of thousands of euros.

For the exact price, we recommend that you contact us and we will put together an offer tailored just for you!