Marketing campaign Ritex

Year 2023

Apinature d. o. o. and
Student organization of the University of Ljubljana

How from a kilo of gold
make two?

Year 2023

Elementum d. o. o.

Jurčkove vile

Year 2009

GIVO REAL, d.o.o.

The “Jurčkove vile” advertising project included the creative design and implementation of the advertising campaign, including the logo and slogan on a recognizable green background, the creation of various electronic messages, advertisements, jumbo posters, the organization and leasing of media, and the creation of a promotional prospectus.

The campaign was highly recognizable and, as a result, successful, as the company managed to sell all the apartments in the newly built settlement in a very short time.

Umirite ritem življenja

Year 2015

Krka, d.d.

With conceptual solutions for the promotion of a new pharmaceutical product from the company “Krka d.d.” the company participated in an internal competition of invited agencies in the first months of 2015. The creative design included the development of five different idea concepts, product names, supporting slogans, and visual motifs. It was the main favorite of the participating creatives of the company “Umirite ritem življenja”.

Conceptual solutions were not realized.

Walk ‘n’ Survive

Year 2015 – 2016

Alpina, d.o.o.

The development of a new hiking shoe with innovative ventilation solutions for hiking in extremely hot environments was an opportunity to reposition the Alpina brand in the field of trekking footwear. The advertising campaign “Walk ‘n’ Survive “ was created in the summer of 2015. Based on several conceptual designs with varying degrees of provocativeness, the client decided on the current design.

Advertisements and other promotional materials (banners, roll-ups, etc.) were prepared in different languages for different target markets: the USA, France, Germany, and Slovenia.

Public rental

Year 2022

Stanovanjski sklad RS


Year 2020

Apinature, d.o.o.



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