Design first.

Yes, we make a difference.

Creative Fusion

Studio Mazzini d.o.o. is a creative studio with a twenty-year tradition, co-designed by experts from the fields of marketing, design and programming. Our company, with managed creative processes, creates the conditions for innovation and going beyond established business practices. By combining strategic thinking, creative processes and digital technology in a creative fusion, we create successful solutions adapted to modern business challenges.

Strategy is imperative.

Bridging the gap between strategic and creative thinking, which comes to the fore mainly in brands at the intersection of the relationship between the organization and the outside world, represents an important challenge for the consistent development and competitiveness of the company. We implement projects with the awareness that a strategic approach is a prerequisite for all creative processes.


As part of the creation of business plans, independently or as part of the implementation of projects, we provide consulting services to our clients in the areas of the creation of business plans, marketing strategies, design strategies, and the creation of visual identities, websites, digital transformation and IT solutions (configurators and artificial intelligence).

Focus workshops

For the successful implementation of complex projects for the design of business strategies, visual identities, websites, or digital transformation, a prerequisite is an understanding and precise definition of the problem. The most effective way to achieve this is through focus workshops, where we perform the required analyzes together in interaction with the client.

Business plans

Design thinking

In the Studio, we use various methods to achieve the desired creative solutions, the most common of which is design thinking. According to the origin of the word the method itself comes from the term design, but it is not limited only to the field of design, but can be applied to various aspects of creatively solving various business challenges.

Understand and empathize

Empathize with a situation or problem through observation, contact, or a combination of both.


In the phase of searching for different solutions, the generation of ideas takes place by combining conscious and unconscious processes.


Testing can happen simultaneously with prototyping and represents the final phase before the solution is confirmed.







Define the problem

The goal is precisely to define the problem, to avoid possible misinterpretations.


The purpose of the prototype is to test different options with the aim of quick and cheap debugging.


Implementation represents the end of the process and the launch of the creative solution on the market or to the target audience.

Understand and empathize

Empathize with a situation or problem through observation, contact, or a combination of both.

Define the problem

The goal is precisely to define the problem, to avoid possible misinterpretations.


In the phase of searching for different solutions, the generation of ideas takes place by combining conscious and unconscious processes.


The purpose of the prototype is to test different options with the aim of quick and cheap debugging.


Testing can happen simultaneously with prototyping and represents the final phase before the solution is confirmed.


Implementation represents the end of the process and the launch of the creative solution on the market or to the target audience.

Design first.

It is a well-known maxim of the world-famous designer Raymond Loewy that design is too important to be left to designers. At Studio Mazzini, we believe that it is actually design that creates positively recognizable results of strategic thinking – and that is why we say design is too important not to be left to designers. Therefore, “Design first”.

Logo design

Without the fundamental elements of visual identity id est logos, it is impossible to imagine the process of creating an organization’s image. The foundation of successful recognition and also differentiating a company or brand from the competition is a visual sign. A sign, which in this context is also called a logo. We have already made more than 100 of them for different purposes, and we still can’t get enough.

Visual identity design

Integrated visual identity represents a system plan for the application of the fundamental elements of visual identity (sign, logo, color, typographic style, and the fifth element) to create a uniform, distinctive and recognizable image of an organization or a business or sports event.

Graphic design

With passion and dedication and the knowledge that design is important, but not the only element of the creative process, we design everything that can be designed: books, printed publications, annual reports, bulletins and magazines, posters, penguins, packaging, business gifts, etc. We are aware that design is not only a profession but a mission that accompanies you.

Industrial design

Knowledge of production processes and experience with the design and development of industrial products has been a constant since the very beginning of the company. Nevertheless, every new project is a new challenge.


The results of the brand image creation process are numerous brands for which we designed both content and identity (brand identity) and, consequently, image (brand image). Branding projects are complex. The interdisciplinarity of these creative processes, therefore conditions the interweaving of various experts in the field of strategic planning, communication, and graphic design, which we connect within the framework of our company.


Control over the marketing mix also presupposes the mastering of advertising channels. The design and creation of advertisements and the execution of advertising campaigns in analog or digital formats, including social networks, Facebook, Instagram, Google, and others, is a regular part of our projects. We also provide favorable leasing of media space and management of campaigns.


Independently, within the framework of the studio or in cooperation with permanent external collaborators, we provide photographic services, both for the needs of larger and independent photographic projects.

Video production

Designing and planning the production of advertising and short presentation films is carrried out with our permanent contractual partners. Turn key.

Living on the digital edge.

Artificial intelligence, the search for new horizons in the digital universe, new paths in the digital reproduction of the world, and their integration into creative solutions are goals we are successfully pursuing.

Digital transformation

Websites and stores

A website in a modern digital environment should reflect the uniqueness of your company, which dictates an integrated approach that includes conceptual design, UI/UX design, programming, production, and content input.
We create web stores in WordPress WooCommerce, Magento, or custom for more demanding applications (Python).

Online platforms

Websites that are only at first glance, while in the background they hide advanced programming solutions in various programming languages (Python, JavaScript, …) and are intended for the sale of complex products (tickets, insurance policies, product configurators) are becoming mandatory equipment for companies that want to differentiate themselves and show the achieved level of their development.

Advanced IT solutions

A private portal for the storage and exchange of large files “eDoc”, a complex configurator, a digital advisor “chatbot” with a touch of artificial intelligence, and other custom projects are advanced IT concepts for companies looking for new horizons in the operation and marketing of their services and products.


The SEO optimization of websites leads to higher positions in browsers and consequently lower advertising costs. As part of website production, we perform both basic on-site and more demanding and complex off-site optimization.


We are very successful in executing digital vouchers and E-Business projects, projects that are partly financed from European cohesion funds, the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology and the Slovenian Enterprise Fund, and which include the complete digital transformation of companies, including a complete visual identity, the creation of websites and video presentation and more. Within the framework of these projects, we organize the preparation of tender documentation, ensure the successful realization of the projects and the preparation of reports for the recovery of the investment.

Come by for a cup od coffee

If our approaches and methodologies for solving creative problems match your needs and desires, we invite you to an introductory conversation over coffee. And as the national from Casablanca says – maybe this will be the beginning of a long-term and successful cooperation.

What our clients think

Bojan Pravica,

Elementum EWIV (Germany)

“We have been cooperating with the company Studio Mazzini for several years as a German EGIZ (European Economic Interest Association), whose members are companies from various European countries – Germany, Portugal, Slovenia, and Croatia. I can say that we are truly satisfied with production of their products, excellent communication and professionalism. With this excellent team, we have carried out quite a few successful projects.”

Uroš Jeke,

Ekten Krško, d.o.o.

“With Studio Mazzini, we created a complete visual identity and presence of the company, which we upgraded with a website and presence on social networks. They tackled the project comprehensively, systematically and structured, which led us to a result with which we are very satisfied. The scope of the project was adapted to the size and needs of our company. In achieving the common goal, they helped us foresee the importance of marketing also in companies operating at the B2B level.”

Iztok Stanonik,

Polycom Škofja Loka, d.o.o.

“We have been trusting the company Studio Mazzini for three decades. They understand our needs and wishes and know how to implement them in a timely and quality manner. In addition to their professionalism and responsiveness, they are also distinguished by their sense of preparing concepts, graphic design, copywriting, etc. We are satisfied with the comprehensiveness of the solutions they offer .”

Mojca Černelč Koprivnikar,

Prosperia, d.o.o.

“We have been working with Studio Mazzini since 2020 and the positive change on our new website is obvious. We appreciate that their team is proactively and in-depth ready to search for and propose integrated solutions and to grow with us in new directions. They are characterized by great responsiveness, structure and perseverance even when solving seemingly small details that make a significant difference.”

Stane Guzelj,

Simplygood –
SG Guzelj, d.o.o.

“We have been working with Studio Mazzini since the beginning of the visual renovation of our company and the creation of the Simplygood brand in 2008. 258 / 5,000 Translation results With a systematic approach to the design of the brand and the related creative solutions, they convinced us even then, so that now we have recorded 15 years of successful and fruitful cooperation in various areas of marketing and visual communication.”

Dejan Gabrič,

Stelem, d.o.o.

“The Studio Mazzini team delved into our company, read our values, and designed their proposals following them. With his sensitivity, Matjaž very quickly determined our value, our essence, and what is important for our company. He didn’t forget that at any moment and with his way of working he extracted from us all the information he needed for a good result. He directed his young team in such a way that they were able to demonstrate their creativity and simultaniously adaptability according to the needs of our company. We are very proud of our new image, which was born from this collaboration.”

Dejan Kekić,

Univerzal Novi Sad, d.o.o.

“If you are in business, have a talent for entrepreneurship and a creative spirit that requires stable support, contact Studio Mazzini. The company Universal from Serbia has established a business contact full of understanding with the Mazzini company. The studio was a strong support in the process of redesigning the brand represented on the European market for thirty years. We are satisfied with the professionals whom we consider to be champions in business communication and understanding of company needs. The positive effect of new design solutions is intense and lasting.”

Companies that trust us

Yes, we make a difference.

After twenty years of cooperation with many companies from Slovenia and abroad, we can sum up that our companies are very successful. We believe it is also due to the difference in planning and design.


The beginnings of the company date back to 2003 with the first major project, the renewal of the visual identity of the brand Alpina. In the following years, the scope of activities and the number of clients and collaborators in the business-creative fusion of classic and digital design projects are constantly increasing. Today, we provide a comprehensive service – from strategic and creative designs, advertising, to the design and programming of digital projects of varying complexity, including artificial intelligence projects. On its 20th anniversary, the company is becoming a strategic-creative digital platform capable of quickly adapting to the demands and wishes of clients.


We cultivate simple but sincere values: we believe in knowledge and creativity, team spirit, courage and integrity.


With the fusion of creative potential, design skills and digital technologies, to become the leading creative reactor in Slovenia.

Social Responsibility

We actively support individuals and social groups who, with creativity, confidence in their knowledge and abilities, and the ethical use of modern technologies, share comparable values with ours and at the same time follow the sustainable development of society, humanism, and art.

We will support our commitment to social responsibility in 2023 by supporting at least five projects of individuals or social groups with whom we share values. Send your proposals to the contact by the 31st of December 2022.


Our commitments

Unethical projects

At Studio Mazzini, we do not implement projects that are inconsistent with our values, mission, and vision, and we do not cooperate with organizations that violate ethical norms.

Respect for diversity

In the company, we respect diversity regardless of the nationality, age, religion, gender, or orientation of both our employees and business partners.

Unpaid work

In the company, based on our knowledge, potential, and experience, we are committed to finding, advising, and implementing the most optimal solutions for our clients. Out of respect for work and the rights of our employees, we do not prepare and forward concepts and design solutions as part of unpaid projects or pitches.

Want to work with us?

Are you a person with specific skills in the field of strategic skills, marketing, design, programming, digital technologies, and artificial intelligence who would be interested in sharing our values and working with us? Contact us: