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A studio of creative communications

The origins of our company represented the projects that took place in the mid-’90s, at that time under the aegis of K.Š.P.D. and Alpina Žiri plc. In those times the way was paved, with a lot of enthusiasm, for sports marketing and graphic and industrial design, and we were also becoming familiar with the real marketing logic of western European and American markets. These were the markets that, as early as in those times, emphasized quality, innovativeness and adjustment to new trends as the only criteria. The end of this period represented, in 2003, the visual identity redesign of Alpina plc company. In the design field one of the most important logos, designed by Professor Tomaž Kržišnik in 1969, was redesigned, and in the area of marketing an outline of a new brand was created, under the leadership of Miro Kline, PhD, with new content based on a fresh slogan, »Fit for me«. The final outcome of this project was thus a gradual attainment of independence, the formal registration of graphic design activity in 2003, and consequently new cooperation with numerous big and demanding clients, among them: Sava Re Reinsurance Company, Slovenian National Radio and TV Station, Slovenian Insurance Association, Stavbenik Gradbeništvo LLC, Livar Ivančna Gorica plc, the Agency of the Republic of Slovenia for Public Legal Records and Related Services (Ajpes), Slovenian Defence Ministry, Givo plc, Renee Agency  LLC, Polycom LLC, Simplygood LLC, Birotehna LLC, Ravnihar LLC, the Trade Union of the Slovenian Railway Workers, local tourist organizations Blegoš and Bovec; and more recently: I,biving LLC, Ekogor LLC, School of Rhetoric PLC, Caredesign PLC, STC Ski Resort Stari Vrh LLC, and many others. These organisations are mostly active in the field of economy. Our company has always been socially responsible, since it has carried out numerous pro-bono projects for various sports, cultural and other institutions and organisations.

So far our company has thus created a network of permanent and occasional co-workers of various profiles – designers, photographers, IT programmers, copywriters, communicologists, etc. This very network currently enables our company great flexibility and quick adaptability to projects of different levels of complexity, as well as to clients' financial capabilities.  Together with our partner-companies we provide, even for the most demanding clients, total services – from advising, strategic and creative planning, design, programming, media lease to managing projects and providing various forms of supervision related to the quality and implementation of individual projects. After all this experience and years of work we can say that our greatest advantage is, apart from stubbornness and devotion to the profession, that we have the ability to listen to our clients and together with them we are able to find the best possible solutions within the framework of the existing circumstances.

Matjaž Mazzini, MFA


Our values, vision and mission

Our mission

We design, serve as an agent of creative and innovative individuals with high potential and we take care of their networking, with an aim of reaching optimal effects for clients as well as designers.

We have a vision

By integrating various creative potentials we create a new design style which combines visual art and digital reproduction of the world – with an aim of meeting our clients' demands and creating a higher added value.

Our values

We are committed to our work and completely dedicated to our vision and projects. We strive to develop a genuine partnership with our clients, and we are persistent in achieving our goals.


Various colleagues have taken or are still taking part in our numerous projects, and some of these projects are also presented on this website: 

graphic designers: Tanja Benčina, Aleksander Brezlan, Renata Burnik, Nina Droll, Uroš Duh, Barbara Goršič, Andrej Humar, Klara Jenko Ogorevc, Maja Kisovec Debeljak, Robert Miklič Koren, Alenka Planinc Kuhar, Tjaša Nastran, Sanja Pilipovič, Maruša Trpin, Rajko Vidrih, Tina Kavčič, Marko Škerlavaj, Jernej Lunder, Diana Blumer Košak, Emil Konjhodžić, Andrea Mazurek, …;

copywriters / editors: Boris Pintar, Bojan Pristavec, Roman Zajec, Maja A. Vidmar, Mojca Steiner, Tanja Rojc Kronegger, Medeja Kraševec…

and advisers: Miro Kline, PhD, Dario Berginc, MA, and others…