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Selection of our work

From 2003 till now

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Why us?

Because of our comprehensive approach.

Unique. Adjusted to the needs of every client. Backed up by great experience. And most importantly - backed up  by results!

Our approach

Every client is unique

That is why we have developed an approach which allows us to diagnose brand problems fast and create efficient solutions.

Complex strategies

Design is not about following the latest trends but about adjusting them to the needs of each client. Behind our designs there is a thorough market research that helps us make the right decisions for your better results.

Original solutions

We treat each of our clients as a unique case and we always adjust our work to their needs and long term goals. Efficiency and searching for an optimal solution are the main principles we follow.

Fast and reliable

Long term experience, expertise, knowledge of materials, media, procedures and wide network of associates are the advantages of Studio Mazzini.

Integrated services

With the help of wide network of associates that we have developed with years of experience we offer integrated services. Our main goal is to provide you with a final product and bring benefits to your business.


Our clients

The number of satisfied clients is growing.

During the last 13 years we have built strong relationships with clients in more than 80 companies for which we've done more than 1000 projects. In the course of last year our most important clients were...

Latest work

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All services in one place!

Effective marketing is business development.

The variety of services we offer guarantees fast results, lower costs, and comprehensive approach.